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    IONIQ Hybrid

    Driving Innovation

Experience the future of mobility
in your daily life.

Welcome to the future.

Leadership in the new era of zero emissions mobility is being realized through our development of innovative green technologies that are continually raising the industry standard for fuel efficiency.

IONIQ HEV I love your new look

What a pleasant surprise

A pioneering design that marries form with function, IONIQ hybrid’s striking, coupé-style silhouette certainly creates a strong first impression. But looking beyond the sleek aerodynamics you will discover subtle design details that enhance every aspect of driving dynamics and efficiency.

What a pleasant surprise

Elegance and peace of mind

With its disciplined focus on layout simplicity and good ergonomics, the interior advances the evolution of trendsetting design. As forward-thinking as the exterior, the interior abounds with fine touches that bring all the key elements to life in fluid, elegant style. Every detail is precisely designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity for a calming, soothing effect on the senses.

Elegance and peace of mind

Drving freedom with no compromioses.

Driving freedom enters a new dimension with IONIQ’s driver safety assist systems that act like a co-pilot to help you drive safe. IONIQ’s advanced systems like Blind Spot Collision Warning and Rear Parking Assist take much of the worry and stress out of driving. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the drive.

Drving freedom with no compromioses.
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Driving innovation

Hyundai The new IONIQ Product Information Film

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