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Because of You.

We created NEXO, the first dedicated fuel cell electric vehicle, because we’re committed to a connected, free, and clean tomorrow. One in which vehicles co-exist with us and our environment, liberate us from constraints and make a big impression – without making a sound, or leaving a mark. It’s all driven by a simple philosophy. That from this moment everything we do is because of you. Nexo won’t change life for the next generation of motorists – it’ll change life as we know it.
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Because of Femita.

We all have a vision for a better tomorrow. Ours is to make the world a better place because of you, and people like Femita. NEXO produces zero emissions, purifying the air instead of polluting it. This leaves Femita free to focus on chasing her better tomorrow, and live without limits.
Because of Femita.

the future of fuel.

We believe that hydrogen energy is the key to building a more sustainable future for Femita, and for us all.

Water is the only

NEXO’s hydrogen fuel cell engine generates electricity by mixing oxygen with compressed hydrogen to create a flow of electrons.
It’s intelligent, efficient, and only emits pure, clean water.


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