The All-New

The All-New

Hybrid technology

The all-new Elantra Hybrid leads the attractive driving trend in the era of sustainability with its high-quality
product value.

Smart and Joyful driving

The quietness of electric motor and its cool acceleration realize cheerful and smart driving.

1. Lithium-Ion polymer battery

The integrated battery is applied to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy. The battery is placed at the bottom of the rear seat to secure extra luggage space.

2. Permanent magnet synchronous motor

When driving, it assists the engine’s power to provide a fast acceleration feel and improves fuel economy. Depending on the driving conditions, Electric Vehicle (EV) driving is available at a maximum speed of 120km/h.

3. Regenerative brake system

During deceleration, kinetic energy in converted into electrical energy to charge the battery, and the charged battery is used during normal driving to improve energy efficiency.

4. Integrated electronic booster

It integrates the hydraulic generation function and control function, and realizes a linear braking feel by electronic control using a motor during braking.


Smartstream G1.6 Hybrid Engine / Electric Motor

A maximum power of 105ps at 5,700rpm and a maximum torque of 15.0kg∙m at 4,000rpm.
Motor Max. power: 43.5px (when converting to 32kW)
Motor Max. torque: 17.3kg∙m (when converting to 170Nm)