White Ioniq Hybrid is driving on the road next to an ocean

IONIQ Hybrid

Shaped by the wind and ingenuity

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A man approaching to white Ioniq Hybrid parked outdoor
  • Front side view of white Ioniq Hybrid

    Shaped by the wind. And ingenuity

    The IONIQ Hybrid blends stunning design and superlative aerodynamic performance. A pure statement of dynamic confidence.
  • Closer view of LED daytime running light

    LED daytime running lights (DRL)

    Dynamic C-shaped LED daytime running lights (DRL) refine air intakes that feed the Active Airflow, reducing turbulence around the front wheels.
  • Right headlamp on

    HID Bi-Xenon headlamps

    IONIQ Hybrid offers two headlamps technologies : HID Bi-Xenon headlamps produce brighter, clearer illumination of the road ahead and are framed by the dynamic C-shape of the LED positioning lamps.
  • Active air flap system on the grille

    Active Air Flap Feature

    Dynamically styled headlamps are integrated into the grille extremities. Concealed within the chrome grille is the Smart cruise control (SCC) radar sensor and Active Air Flap (AFF) system that enhance aerodynamics at speed. The signature blue accent bar identifies the hybrid model.
    • Only available in select regions

  • Side view of white Ioniq Hybrid

    Shaped by the wind. And ingenuity

    The IONIQ Hybrid blends stunning design and superlative aerodynamic performance. A pure statement of dynamic confidence.
  • Aerodynamic graphic surrounding white Ioniq Hybrid

    Wind-cheating efficiency

    The gentle slope of the roofline merges seamlessly into the Rear spoiler. The result is a shape that is both sporty and aerodynamically efficient.
  • Closer view streamlined details

    Streamlined details

    Slim contoured door mirrors aid airflow and minimize wind noise. Sleek door handles are finished in chrome to add a premium touch.
  • Two alloy wheels in different design and sizes

    Optimized wheels and tires

    There are two types of IONIQ Hybrid road wheels: The Eco 15” alloy wheels with swirl-effect spokes in silver and black enhance aerodynamic performance, and are fitted with ultra-low rolling resistance tires. Premium 17” alloy wheels with matt grey inserts are equipped with tires that promote agile handling and minimize braking distances.

  • Side rear view of white Ioniq Hybrid

    Design Integrity

    The harmonious combination of rear spoiler, lower glass area, combination lamps, contrasting bumper insert and signature blue color accent confirms the complete integrity of the IONIQ hybrid design.
  • Rear view of white Ioniq Hybrid

    Integrated Rear spoiler

    IONIQ’s integrated rear spoiler minimizes turbulence and air resistance while increasing the down force for a more stable driving experience.
  • Closer view of rear combination lamp on

    Rear combination lamps

    Conventional bulb rear lamps provide a clear signal of intentions to following drivers. LED rear lamps are brighter, use less energy and reinforce the design integrity of the IONIQ Hybrid.
  • Rear view of white Ioniq Hybrid

    Rear bumper design & Signature blue accent

    The rear design of IONIQ is dominated by strong horizontal elements that emphasize its wide-track, sporty stance.

Closer view of outside door handle

Chrome outside door handle

Unique chrome exterior door handles for added luxury.
Rear reflectors

Rear reflectors

Sharing a design similar to the LED Daytime running lights, the rear reflectors provide a unified look and feel.
Slim outside mirror

Slim outside mirror

Slim and streamlined housing features an air flow ridge to reduce wind noise and improve aerodynamics.


Panoramic view of front part interior
D-cut steering wheel

D-cut steering wheel

D-cut steering wheel with chrome-accented spokes helps convey the image of sporty performance.
Phone placed in the center console storage

Center console multi-purpose storage

Beneath the center armrest is a storage space that’s large enough to accommodate a tablet PC or a book that’s too big for other compartments. Charging is available via the console’s USB port.
Transmission, door scuff plates and pedals in clock-wise from the left

Visual and tactile quality

Cabin quality is underlined by the eye-catching use of chrome highlights on the gear knob, pedals and door scuff plates.
Simply pure. purely simple.
The spacious interior of the IONIQ Hybrid is charged with distinct design purity.
It is evident in the strong horizontal contouring of the dashboard, and the user-friendly
simplicity of all instruments and controls.
Seat color
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Leather
  • Woven
  • Leather
  • Seat materials
Eco-friendly materials

The intelligent use of eco-friendly interior materials confirms
IONIQ’s status as a sustainably built hybrid car.

Power driver's seat buttons

Power driver's seat

8-way power adjustable driver’s seat plus 2-way lumbar support ensure a comfortable seating position.
Rear seat folded

6:4 split folding rear seats

The rear seats are foldable in a 6:4 ratio for additional cargo space.

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