left side front view of red kona in the square.

The all-new
Hyundai KONA

You drive it. You define it.


Dare to be different

Sometimes the best moments are the ones where the world doesn't shape us - but we shape it. That's the essence and the spirit of Kona. A dynamic combination of style and performance featuring the finest of cutting-edge technology, this compact SUV deserves a closer look.
red and lime exteriors of kona
Hyundai UAE
Left side view of red kona parked on the road.

You style it

Combining sculpted lines with a stylish edge, the all-new
Kona is expressive from every angle. The Kona’s two-tone
roof and exterior mirrors also give you the possibility to
customize color combinations to fit your personal style. Dare
to be different.

Left side front view of yellow kona parked on the road.

You shine it

Sometimes it’s good to head in a new direction, like we have
with the all-new Kona. At the front, the twin headlight design
with LED daytime running lights creates an unmistakable
front light signature.

Kona OS TV Commercial Movie Thumbnail.

Check out the
world of Kona

Real style is a matter of being yourself
on purpose.
Like the all-new Kona.

Head-up display

Head-up display

Featuring class-leading luminance for easy visibility, our new head- up display helps you stay safe by projecting important information like speed, navigation commands, and warnings right into your line of sight.


The all-new Kona provides you with the seamless connectivity you expect and innovative tech that makes life easier. The 8” touch screen display makes everything easily accessible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Express yourself.
Premium sound system

Premium sound system

The premium sound system from KRELL delivers stellar sound performance so you can rock it in style.


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