My comfort zone.

The all-new Sonata has a way of becoming a part of you, an extension of your body. Its seats cradle you while gauges, control knobs and pedals align perfectly with eyes, hands and feet for a sense of complete confidence and total control. The optional 10.25-in HD navigation (1920×720) features split-screen capabilities with a simple and intuitive interface that allows the screen to be divided up to display the three separate functions if multi-tasking is desired.

10.25 inch Navigation

Bluetooth multi-pairing

The all-new Sonata takes the next step in Bluetooth pairing by supporting dual devices. Now the driver can enjoy the use of the hands-free function, including optional voice recognition support while the second device is connected to the all-new Sonata for streaming or mp3 file playback.

BOSE premium sound system

Creates a surround sound listening experience from stereo sources such as digital files and satellite radio.

Wireless smartphone charging system

Lost or misplaced recharging cords? The cord is a thing of the past with the wireless smartphone charging system that ensures your phone will never go dead. The vehicle will even chime a gentle warning should the phone be accidentally left behind after exiting the vehicle.

Walk-In device

The walk-in device button extends front seat control functions to the rear seat passenger such as chauffeured executives who may want extra legroom. It’s one of many interior details that demonstrate careful consideration for comfort and convenience.