Sonata re-born in Hybrid

A new beginning for the hybrid that delivers innovative changes, performance and values for you.

Hybrid Engine

The Nu 2.0 liter GDi engine, with 156 horsepower, offers powerful driving performance.

Hybrid Technology

The driving performance is enhanced even further by working together precisely with regenerative brake system, electric motor, lithium ion polymer battery and hybrid engine.

Two pillars

A powerful internal combustion engine for when you want more power. An efficient electric motor for smooth and eco-driving. Now that’s a power couple.

A battery that takes care of itself

No need to worry about recharging. When the battery runs out, the Sonata Hybrid shifts to gasoline engine mode. The electricity generated from the operating engine charges the battery.

Lithium ion polymer battery

Having been around for about a decade, it is proven that Sonata Hybrid’s lithium ion polymer batteries are safe. Plus, they are light and long-lasting. battery is safe. Plus, it is light and long-lasting.
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