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    Race Track Capability


Theta II 2.0 T-GDI

A maximum power of 275 ps at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 36.0 kgf·m at 1,450~4,700 rpm.(Performance package)

  • 3.5 MPi gasoline engine

    3.5 MPi gasoline engine
    Max Power
    000.0 ps
    Max Torque
    00.0 kg·m
    3.5 MPi gasoline engine

    Launch Control

    N Corner Carving Differential

    Launch control is an electronic aid to assist drivers to easily maneuver maximum standing start acceleration performance by controlling optimal wheel spin and engine torque.

    Function & Feature

    - Improved driving stability by avoiding rapid torque change when connecting clutch after shifting.
    - Automatically operate as the ‘Heel & Toe’ maneuver when down-shift.

    • Veloster N

      1. Basic Condition

      Temp. of Coolant, Oil, Exhaust must be normal
      No Engine/TCS/ESP warning lights
      Door, hood, and trunk Closed
      Stopped vehicle state (0Km/h)

    • Veloster N

      2. Preparation Condition

      N mode (ESC : SPORT)
      Steering wheel Neutral
      Clutch pedal Pressed
      1st gear Engaged

    • Veloster N Launch Control Ready

      3. Ready to Start

      Fully press the acceleration pedal

      -> RPM will be fixed to 3,800 and the following message will be popup "Launch Control Ready"

      ※ Launch control will be automatically aborted if the car is not launched within 8 seconds in this state.

    • Veloster N Launch Control Active

      4. Start

      Start by connecting the clutch quickly and smoothly
      (keeps full-throttle)

      ※ Launch control will be deactivated when full-throttle is released.

      ※ Launch control is available again at after 3 min. of cooling drive.

    Reinforcement for high performance
    vehicle body

    Increasing of welding points

    N exclusive High-capacity Brake

    Veloster N exclusive high capacity brake

    High-capacity brake discs and high-performance brake pads for fade prevention.

    N Dedicated Cluster Gauge

    Veloster N dedicated cluster gauge

    ①LED Shift-timing Indicator
    - Shift timing notification for optimum performance at high RPM drive range.
    ②Variable LED Tachometer
    - Variable red zone according to engine oil temperature.
    ③Illuminated Blue-bezel
    - Differentiated design compared to base model.
    ④Three-dimensional patterned dial
    - Design differentiation with the dial with three-dimensional pattern.

    Differentiated N-performance with
    specialized features

    State-of-the-art high-performance technologies can be effectively combined to provide a smooth and controlled ride. The key high-performance features are segment-leading for The Veloster N and can be chosen individually by the driver depending on the driving mood.

    Differentiated N-performance with specialized features
    • 1. Launch Control

      Acceleration 6.1Sec. (0→100kph)

      The system controls engine torque when starting from the standstill, helping to launch the car like a professional race driver.

    • 2. High-speed Cruising Performance

      Max.power 275ps
      Max.speed 250km/h

    • 3.N Cormer Carving Differential

      The e-LSD increases the maximum conering speed and the fun to drive through corners
      from turning to early wind corner acceieration.

    • 4.Electronic Control Suspension

      Optimum control of damping force of suspension to suit driving situation and offer clearly differentiated riding feeling
      according to driving mode.

    • 5.Rev-Matching

      Rev-matching automatically adjusts the revs of the engine RPM when the driver shifts from a higher to a lower gear.
      Consequently, it allows smoother downshifts.