Ready to step in.

Driving requires constant vigilance, but the new Azera is always ready to intervene if you need it to. Its advanced driving aids work non-stop to make you a better, safer driver. These technologies continuously scan the car’s surroundings with utmost precision to make every trip safe and relaxing.

Smartsense Driving

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Smartsense Parking

Hyundai SmartSense
  • Lane Flowing Assist (LFA)

    Should you drift out of the driving lane without signalling, LFA uses audio and visual cues to alert you to the danger. LFA’s camera uses machine vision to monitor the painted lane markings to ensure that the vehicle is driven between the lanes. When necessary, automatic steering correction is applied to keep you safely inside the lane.

    Some features illustrated on this page are not available in your market.

  • LFA
  • BCA
  • FCA
  • END

Meet your driving assistant.

The new Azera is more than a car; It’s your personal driving assistant. Innovative safety assistance systems
take some of the stress out of driving by looking for signs of potential trouble.

Trust your invisible co-pilot.

Like an invisible co-pilot, the new Azera’s advanced suite of sensor-based electronic driving aids continuously scans your surroundings. The system can detect a hazardous situation before you notice it and act accordingly. These driving aids are completely unobtrusive but they’re ready to act when needed.

Back-up guide lamps

The new Back-up guide lamps light up your intended path of travel to show pedestrians where you’re going when you’re backing up. It’s simple but effective.

Electronic child lock and Safe Exit Assist

Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

Blind spot view monitor

When operating turn signal switch, the left/right rear spot is displayed on the cluster screen. Clear and wide view of the blind spots helps your safe driving, especially when driving in rainy day.

Surround view monitor

High-quality cameras show blind spots all around the vehicle which allows driver to park safety. Top view zoom in-out function is also added.

Safety power window