Spacious and Smart

The STARIA (Van) provides everything you need to get the job done efficiently, safely, and in style.
You get loads of room for your cargo and a well-appointed cabin that provides
an oasis of comfort and relaxation for you and your crew.

The Space To Grow Your Business

Impressively spacious and equipped with flexible design features like twin swing doors that speed up loading
and unloading, the STARIA (Van) is the ideal partner for tradesmen and pro drivers who demand maximum
efficiency. With its 2.5m-long cargo bed, the 3-seater van always seems to be hungry for more cargo.
And to ensure you are equipped with the perfect tool for the job, there is a choice of seating and body style



Offering 4,935ℓ of luggage space*, the 3-seater combines
maximum cargo-hauling capacity with uncompromising levels of comfort and convenience.
(VDA standard)

3-Seater Passenger Space

The multi-purpose design includes a foldable center storage console that
makes room for a third passenger when raised. Seat side bolsters and
adjustable center armrests provide excellent support and comfort.

Spacious Cargo Area

STARIA’s cargo space is impressive and highly flexible:load your cargo
quickly and easily through the 870mm-wide sliding door or through the

3-Seater Panel Van Cargo Space

Window Security Bar

Passenger / Cargo Space Bulkhead



The 5/6-seater is ready to handle the toughest jobs while providing. an exceptional level ofcomfort and
flexibility for you and your crew. Its 1.6m-long cargo bed improves your efficiency by allowing you to carry
more per trip.

Twin Swing Doors

Open just one door on the required side or open both, as the occasion
demands, and you’ll be in and out in no time, shaving valuable seconds off
of each stop. We have reduced the ground-to-floor distance to 573mm to
make lifting a little easier and lengthened the cargo bed to 1,705mm so
you never have to leave anything behind.

5-Seater Passenger Space

Rear headroom, legroom, and shoulder room have been maximized to
balance the needs for peak passenger comfort and optimal cargo space.
The backrest angle of the rear seats has been increased to 21º for a more
relaxed seating position.

5 Seater Cargo Space