Safer than ever.

Check out the advanced safety features VENUE offers. You’ll be driving with complete peace of mind knowing
you and your loved ones are very well protected.

6-airbag system (Driver, Passenger, Side & Curtain)

The driver and front passenger are protected by a pair of front airbags to safeguard against head-on collisions while side airbags shield the thorax and pelvic areas. Full-length curtain airbags deliver head protection.

Rear view camera with guidelines

No need to twist your neck when parking. The colored guidelines on the screen help you align the vehicle to reduce the risk of nicks, and dents to your bumper.

Static Bending Lights

SBLs overcome the limitation of conventional headlights by lighting up side areas when going around a corner or curve at low speed. They are automatically activated by a turn of the steering wheel.

Auto cruise control

Tire Pressure Monitoring System